Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian Having A Butt Implant?

Whether Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is real or not, we may take a look at the comparison photos. Even though the reality star never admits it, the old photos never deny it. The 32-year old woman looks different now. She is suspected to perform some procedures such as facelift, nose job, cheek implants, breast implant,… Read More

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams and Her Life After Having Breast Implants

Well, sometimes become a superstar is a little bit confusing. Wendy Williams is one of the celebrities that change her life by choosing the plastic surgery. If you compare her picture when she was young and today then you will surprise. Today, she has big breast size because she adds implants in it. She also… Read More

Kim Kardashian

Has Kim Kardashian Had Plastic Surgery on Her Bum?

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery has been on debate today. This beautiful and sexy woman is accused to perform several cosmetic procedures such as the boob job, facelift, nose job, and Botox. Many people are shocking when seeing the pictures of Kim Kardashian before and after the surgeries even though this woman never admitted any of… Read More

Halle Berry

Has Halle Berry Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Halle Berry plastic surgery has been denied many times. Most people do not believe it. They think that people spread the rumors because they are too envy with the youthful appearance of Halle Berry. This woman is still hot in her 40s. She was born in 1966, but her facial appearance and body is great… Read More

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Boob Job is So Obvious Although She Said No

The rumors said that Christina Hendricks had so many jobs all over her body. However, the most believable rumor about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery could be her boob job. Although she denied it so many times, it was so obvious about her boob change when we make a comparison between her picture in the late… Read More

Coco Austin

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Seems More than Just a Breast Implants

While other celebrities denied having plastic surgery, Coco Austin admitted that she had breast augmentation process on her breasts. Of course, it will be hard for her to deny the breast augmentation since her pictures before and after the surgery show an obvious change on her breast size. However, the confession of Coco Austin plastic… Read More

Emily Procter

Did Emily Procter Get Breast Implants?

The rumor saying that Emily Procter had done plastic surgery has spread out in the public since she entered the entertainment world. Why do the rumors spread out? Well, the reason is so simple. It is because she has a perfect body that looks natural. She has a beautiful face with the perfect body condition.… Read More

Audrina Patridge

Did Audrina Patridge get a Boob Job?

In the entertainment world, being difficult is a must thing to do. However, being more and more beautiful in certain period of time which is considers as fast will make the people think further about its neutrality. Do the people do the plastic surgery to make all the things perfect to be done? There is… Read More