Cindy Crawford Only Going under Needle

Cindy Crawford admitted that she have had cosmetic intervention to keep her youthful look. Nonetheless, she said that she only going under needle for her love to Botox, collagen, and vitamin injections. She has been doing it for years and she content with the result. For anything under the knife, she denied them all although… Read More

Claire Danes

Is Claire Danes having nose job, breast augmentation, and Botox injection?

When recent appearances of Claire Danes get caught in photos and TV, some of you would ask: did she have plastic surgery? We do have such question as well. Nevertheless, Danes was denied already that she has had cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe that she hasn’t done such thing, because we had… Read More

The Beautiful Face of Rachel Weisz, with or without Botox Injection?

Rachel Weisz is an actress who still looks perfect and beautiful although her age is nearly 40. People still wonder how she never looks old and always pretty although her age is not young anymore. Gossip said that Rachel had several plastic surgeries to made her face looked younger and reshape several parts in her… Read More

Sean Young

Did Sean Young Have Plastic Surgery?

Sean Young rumored by media had taken some surgical procedures, both for her body and face. By comparing some of her pictures, we can clearly see the evidences that she had been given some injections or might be taken the surgical knife. From her physical appearance, it is seen that the Blade Runner actress keeping… Read More

Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

Who didn’t know Brad Pitt? He is one of the best looking American actor and film producer. Lately, there is a rumor said that he has done a plastic surgery. The rumor said that this 49 years old actor has Botox, facial filler and probably laser treatment. Besides that, there is a rumor said that… Read More

Did Bruce Springsteen Do Hair Transplant?

The great American musician, singer and song writer, Bruce Springsteen is rumored to have had plastic surgery. Is it true? This plastic surgery perception comes because this 63 years old man looked younger than before. Many people thought that it’s likely had a facial filler, Botox injection, facelift and even hair transplant! Yes, it is… Read More

Rupert Everett

Is Rupert Everett Stop Plastic Surgery?

A few years ago, the world talked about the obvious changes on Rupert Everett face. The bloated face was the obvious sign of plastic surgery when all wrinkles he had seemed to disappear instantly. The rumors were he had the Botox injection, facelift, and cheek implants. He suddenly looked like a plastic doll while some… Read More

Vivica Fox

Reasons of Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Public is not surprised with the news of Vivica fox plastic surgery. This actress did the plastic surgery when she was young. Up to now, she still does other treatments to keep her good looking appearance, for example the Botox injection and breast augmentation. As a result, the appearance of her body improved greatly and… Read More

Juliana Margulies

Juliana Margulies Before and After Doing the Plastic Surgery

When celebrities reach their middle age, they will soon be attacked by plastic surgery rumor. This condition is not an exception on the beautiful Juliana Margulies. People begin to speculate her plastic surgery because she looks great in her middle age. However, you cannot believe it to be true until you see the differences on… Read More

Did Naya Rivera Improving Her Beauty Under Surgery?

Anything change on celebrity body would lead to plastic surgery rumors. Naya Rivera is not exception that when people see her bigger breast, people judge her to have breast augmentation. Naya Rivera keeps on silent about it and people keep on speculating to Naya Rivera plastic surgery. The rumors become bigger after reporters asked opinion… Read More