Nadya Suleman Denied but People Believe She Has Plastic Surgery

Nadya Suleman is all about denial about her plastic surgery rumors. On the other hand, people believe the rumor of Nadya Suleman plastic surgery, especially after they see the body of Octomom shortly after giving birth of her octuplets that reveal a very sexy body without a sign that she was carry 8 baby inside… Read More

Sandra Bullock

Has Sandra Bullock Had Plastic Surgery?

It seems that celebrity will not free from plastic surgery rumors, including Sandra Bullock. The Academy winner must face the fact that people talk about the possibility of her plastic surgery. The rumors of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery include facelift, Botox injection, and rhinoplasty. The last one is the most possible procedure since Sandra Bullock… Read More

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon Claimed that She Has Never Had Plastic Surgery

In October 2010, there was a rumor about Susan Sarandon plastic surgery. This rumor actually started when some witnesses saw Susan doing the plastic surgery. In the end, Susan told the public that the news was not correct. When she was interviewed at one of popular magazines in 2010, she told that she never did… Read More


Has Yoona Had Plastic Surgery ?

The news of Yoona plastic surgery becomes hot today. There are many rumors stated that this SNSD personnel has done the plastic surgery to make her appearance beautiful and nice. But then, Yoona said that all of the news spreading is not true. All of them are nothing but lie. Yonaa realizes that there are… Read More

Meg Ryan

Has Meg Ryan Had Lip Implants and Facelifts?

In 1980, Meg Ryan was recognized as the most beautiful woman ever in the screen. At that time, there were many people comparing Madonna and Meg Ryan. However, things have recently changed as she receives criticisms for having bad plastic surgery. Some experts argued that this was the only reason that explained the rapid decline… Read More

Mary Lousie Parker

Did Mary Lousie Parker Have Botox Injection?

On February 24, 2013, Celebs Net Worth released news, speculating about the chance of Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery. We do know that it is a rumor. However, perhaps you might recognize the source of the rumor which eventually came from her looks. Mary Louise Parker looks great, and most important, her face does not… Read More