Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian Having A Butt Implant?

Whether Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is real or not, we may take a look at the comparison photos. Even though the reality star never admits it, the old photos never deny it. The 32-year old woman looks different now. She is suspected to perform some procedures such as facelift, nose job, cheek implants, breast implant,… Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow Before And After Use Botox?

Gwyneth Paltrow Vows to Never Use Botox

Who doesn’t know Gwyneth Paltrow? This beautiful Hollywood actress is famous not only because of her great acting but also because of her beauty. She is also famous for her healthy lifestyle. As for her beauty, she admit that she use Botox injection in the past but she make vow that she won’t ever use… Read More

Vivica Fox

Reasons of Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Public is not surprised with the news of Vivica fox plastic surgery. This actress did the plastic surgery when she was young. Up to now, she still does other treatments to keep her good looking appearance, for example the Botox injection and breast augmentation. As a result, the appearance of her body improved greatly and… Read More

Juliana Margulies

Juliana Margulies Before and After Doing the Plastic Surgery

When celebrities reach their middle age, they will soon be attacked by plastic surgery rumor. This condition is not an exception on the beautiful Juliana Margulies. People begin to speculate her plastic surgery because she looks great in her middle age. However, you cannot believe it to be true until you see the differences on… Read More

Sandra Bullock

Has Sandra Bullock Had Plastic Surgery?

It seems that celebrity will not free from plastic surgery rumors, including Sandra Bullock. The Academy winner must face the fact that people talk about the possibility of her plastic surgery. The rumors of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery include facelift, Botox injection, and rhinoplasty. The last one is the most possible procedure since Sandra Bullock… Read More