Diane Kruger

Is Diane Kruger having Breast Implant?

We have looked at Diane Kruger pictures, and yes, she is sexy. Nevertheless, she becomes sexier after doing breast augmentation. In the past, Kruger’s breasts were natural and small, but in recent times, we see that her breast has grown. This matter indicates that she has likely gotten breast implants, using silicone from either Mentor… Read More

Did Naya Rivera Improving Her Beauty Under Surgery?

Anything change on celebrity body would lead to plastic surgery rumors. Naya Rivera is not exception that when people see her bigger breast, people judge her to have breast augmentation. Naya Rivera keeps on silent about it and people keep on speculating to Naya Rivera plastic surgery. The rumors become bigger after reporters asked opinion… Read More

Michelle Pfeiffer

Did Michelle Pfeiffer Get Plastic Surgery to Stay Beautiful ?

Many people speculated that the beautiful actress, Michelle Pfeiffer is having plastic surgery to give her the look that she have right now. It is true that she has no problem with people who undergo that kind of procedures but until this day she denied of having major or serious procedure about her looks. She… Read More