Jenna Jamison is Open about Her Various Cosmetic Enhancement

What a woman needs to do to look attractive? Jenna Jamison may work to show the clue. However, she seems doing too much that make her effort is listed as one of the plastic surgery disasters. Sometimes people just go too far beyond the line. There is no exception with the celebrities. Jenna Jamison has… Read More

Cate Blanchett against Plastic Surgery

Rumors are there about Cate Blanchett facelift. She looks so great in her 40s with youthful skin. No wonder people are talking about facelift since celebrity world is full of plastic surgery rumors. On the contrary, Cate Blanchett is against plastic surgery. She said she frighten and want to grow old naturally. She even said… Read More

Burt Reynolds

Is Burt Reynolds Facelift True?

Rumors are everywhere about Burt Reynolds facelift. In 77 years of age, the wrinkles are so few on Reynolds face. Last years, the rumors were reached the top when people see Reynolds face was look like a plastic doll. On the other hand, Burt Reynolds denied all the facelift rumors and said he want to… Read More

Did Naya Rivera Improving Her Beauty Under Surgery?

Anything change on celebrity body would lead to plastic surgery rumors. Naya Rivera is not exception that when people see her bigger breast, people judge her to have breast augmentation. Naya Rivera keeps on silent about it and people keep on speculating to Naya Rivera plastic surgery. The rumors become bigger after reporters asked opinion… Read More

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Stands Against Plastic Surgery

Meryl Streep has denied over and over about having plastic surgery to keep her almost perfect facial features. In the age of 63, Meryl still look flawless and many people assumed that she has undergone plastic surgery to keep her look. She denied all the accused and she even stand and criticized Hollywood celebrities that… Read More

Lara Spencer

Did Lara Spencer Take Plastic Surgery to Look Young and Beautiful?

Plastic surgery has been a common trend in celebrity’s world. They have the money and they can do anything just to make them more admired by the fans. It is no wonder then if people will start guessing whether an actor or actress has nose job, facelift and other procedures of plastic surgery when she… Read More

Jane Fonda

Did Jane Fonda Have Plastic Surgery?

In early 2010, Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda or known as Jane Fonda got some plastic surgery procedures on her face. At that time, she was pretty open about this issue and she just admitted that she had done it. She even listed off all procedures she had already had. It came after she swore off… Read More

Chelsea Clinton

Did Chelsea Clinton Have Plastic Surgery?

Rumors said that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former USA president Bill Clinton, has done the plastic surgery. She never admits to have the plastic surgery, but many people believe that Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery was true for she came as a stunning and fabulous bride in her wedding ceremony. No one can deny… Read More