About Plastic Surgery Rumors, Olivia Newton John Said, “It is Genetic”

For a woman in 64 years of age, no wrinkles on your forehead and under eyes are obvious sign of plastic surgery. Although she does not have procedure under the knife, at least she has Botox injection to fight aging. That is the reason why people speculating about Olivia Newton John plastic surgery since her… Read More

The Beauty of Park Min Young after Undergone Plastic Surgery

While the other artists try hard to keep their plastic surgery secret, this Korean artist revealed she had two plastic surgeries on her face. We are talking about Park Min Young plastic surgery. Park Min Young admitted eyelid surgery when she was in junior high school to make her look prettier. The second plastic surgery… Read More

Fan Bing Bing

Did Fan Bing Bing Have Plastic Surgery?

Surgery, especially the plastic surgery is one of the most common things to be done by the people, especially by the celebrities. By having the plastic surgery, they wish to get a better face condition and a better look on their appearance. Well, there are rumors saying that many celebrities have undergone the plastic surgery.… Read More