Rupert Everett

Is Rupert Everett Stop Plastic Surgery?

A few years ago, the world talked about the obvious changes on Rupert Everett face. The bloated face was the obvious sign of plastic surgery when all wrinkles he had seemed to disappear instantly. The rumors were he had the Botox injection, facelift, and cheek implants. He suddenly looked like a plastic doll while some… Read More

Mama Elsa Patton

Has Mama Elsa Patton Made the Right Plastic Surgery Decision?

As we all know, being beautiful is a thing which is needed by the entire woman in the world although they are growing older. Therefore, since the needs of being beautiful is important to be enhanced, especially by the superstar or celebrities, Elsa Patton is also trying to do the plastic surgery to lift all… Read More

Dolly Parton

How is Dolly Parton’s Look in Her Age Now After Having Plastic Surgery?

Being old is a normal thing for human being. All of us will definitely experience the aging process. However, most women in the world are trying to fight against the aging process by doing some treatments on their faces and bodies. Well, not all women did it. The people who do the treatments are usually… Read More

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield Admitted that His Plastic Surgery Might Gone Wrong

Female artists are not the ones who tend to do the cosmetic surgery since more and more male artists were reported to have several plastic surgeries on their body, especially the face. Rick Springfield is one of them. About Rick Springfield plastic surgery, the news is not merely rumor since Rick Springfield himself already admitted… Read More

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher Did Botox Injection and Plastic Surgery when She Was Young

The issue of Teri Hatcher plastic surgery started in 2006. In one of news magazines, Teri said that she ever had Botox Injection when she became a student in college. Indeed, at that time, good looking appearance was very important to attract many people. Her effort came true when she joined as an actress in… Read More

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rumors on Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

Some rumors of Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery remain mystery while the other procedure is already confirmed. About rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and Botox, neither Sarah nor her best friend confirm it. Although people see enough proof on her before and after photos, Sarah kept on silence about the surgery and said no to Botox or… Read More