Did Bruce Springsteen Do Hair Transplant?

The great American musician, singer and song writer, Bruce Springsteen is rumored to have had plastic surgery. Is it true? This plastic surgery perception comes because this 63 years old man looked younger than before. Many people thought that it’s likely had a facial filler, Botox injection, facelift and even hair transplant! Yes, it is… Read More

Calista Flockhart and Rumors about Her Facelift

Almost 50 without wrinkles make people assume facelift on Calista Flockhart face. There is also report about Flockhart leaving a building of plastic surgeon office to make people sure about the facelift. Nonetheless, the story has no back up and Flockhart herself does not admit anything about facelift or other plastic surgery procedure. Even more,… Read More

Rupert Everett

Is Rupert Everett Stop Plastic Surgery?

A few years ago, the world talked about the obvious changes on Rupert Everett face. The bloated face was the obvious sign of plastic surgery when all wrinkles he had seemed to disappear instantly. The rumors were he had the Botox injection, facelift, and cheek implants. He suddenly looked like a plastic doll while some… Read More

Dolly Parton

How is Dolly Parton’s Look in Her Age Now After Having Plastic Surgery?

Being old is a normal thing for human being. All of us will definitely experience the aging process. However, most women in the world are trying to fight against the aging process by doing some treatments on their faces and bodies. Well, not all women did it. The people who do the treatments are usually… Read More

Rose McGowan

Has Rose McGowan Had Plastic Surgery?

Rose McGowan has been suspected to perform various surgeries not only on her face but also on her breasts. She never admits that she has completed various surgeries during her career as an actress. People begin to scrutinize her face because she looked different on “Laws & Order SVU”. Some plastic surgeons confirmed that Rose… Read More

About Plastic Surgery Rumors, Olivia Newton John Said, “It is Genetic”

For a woman in 64 years of age, no wrinkles on your forehead and under eyes are obvious sign of plastic surgery. Although she does not have procedure under the knife, at least she has Botox injection to fight aging. That is the reason why people speculating about Olivia Newton John plastic surgery since her… Read More