Cindy Crawford Only Going under Needle

Cindy Crawford admitted that she have had cosmetic intervention to keep her youthful look. Nonetheless, she said that she only going under needle for her love to Botox, collagen, and vitamin injections. She has been doing it for years and she content with the result. For anything under the knife, she denied them all although… Read More

Anne Hathaway Looks like has had Breast Augmentation

Photos could show you the truth about whether Anne Hathaway has had plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation. Anne Hathaway who was flat chest is now having bigger breast. Although she denied having breast augmentation, many people, even the experts, believe she has plastic surgery to make her 34C. The different is so obvious that even… Read More

Is Carrie-Anne Moss Nose Job Rumor True?

People see the same nose from many pictures of Carrie-Anne Moss. However, the weird look of her nose makes people speculating about the possibility of unsuccessful nose job. Carrie-Anne Moss nose is a little bit wonky and whacked. People were speculated that Carrie-Anne Moss has had the nose job before she became famous as actress.… Read More

Did Mira Sorvino Really Have Chin Implants?

Everybody knows that Mira Sorvino is a very beautiful actress. She has good looking even without any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery that many celebrities had. At her 46 age, she still looks young and amazing. In some Medias said that Mira has had Botox injection, facelift and chin implants as well. When confirmed about… Read More

Why Did Mimi Rogers Reduce Her Breasts Size by Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

As we know, there are many celebrities who have had plastic surgery to have a better look and more perfect. What about Mimi Rogers? Is she having plastic surgery too? The 57-year-old woman insists she will never have plastic surgery to stay looking young. But recently she is rumored to have a plastic surgery to… Read More

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Admitted that She Took Plastic Surgery

It must be unsurprising to hear Alyssa Milano admission about her plastic surgery. She realizes about the small breast size she used to own and considers it something which does not meet the rigid standards of Hollywood. Even so, denial always becomes the first expression she shows. She argued the rumor though it is clear… Read More

Burt Reynolds

Is Burt Reynolds Facelift True?

Rumors are everywhere about Burt Reynolds facelift. In 77 years of age, the wrinkles are so few on Reynolds face. Last years, the rumors were reached the top when people see Reynolds face was look like a plastic doll. On the other hand, Burt Reynolds denied all the facelift rumors and said he want to… Read More

Did Ashley Judd Get Plastic Surgery?

Did she or did she not? People are still arguing about Ashley Judd plastic surgery. A year ago, people made Ashley Judd furious about her plastic surgery rumor. Her face look bloated that time and people believe she must have too much dermal fillers. She claimed that the bloated face is caused by her gain… Read More