Cate Blanchett against Plastic Surgery

Rumors are there about Cate Blanchett facelift. She looks so great in her 40s with youthful skin. No wonder people are talking about facelift since celebrity world is full of plastic surgery rumors. On the contrary, Cate Blanchett is against plastic surgery. She said she frighten and want to grow old naturally. She even said… Read More

Calista Flockhart and Rumors about Her Facelift

Almost 50 without wrinkles make people assume facelift on Calista Flockhart face. There is also report about Flockhart leaving a building of plastic surgeon office to make people sure about the facelift. Nonetheless, the story has no back up and Flockhart herself does not admit anything about facelift or other plastic surgery procedure. Even more,… Read More

Has Reba McEntire Taken Plastic Surgery Because She was Afraid of Getting Old ?

The rumor of the Reba Mcentire plastic surgery is right. Actually, few years ago some sources said that Reba Mcentire would never choose the plastic surgery because she does not like with that thing. She prefers to use any original and natural ingredients to stay beautiful and young. Today, the statement changed. Reba Mcentire finally… Read More