Cindy Crawford Only Going under Needle

Cindy Crawford admitted that she have had cosmetic intervention to keep her youthful look. Nonetheless, she said that she only going under needle for her love to Botox, collagen, and vitamin injections. She has been doing it for years and she content with the result. For anything under the knife, she denied them all although… Read More

Rene Russo

Did Rene Russo Have Cheek, Implants, Rhinoplasty and Botox?

Based on pictures that were posted by the media, Rene Russo looks different with her appearance. On recent pictures, she seems to have very outstanding cheekbones, which some media believed that she has undergone cheek implants. Her chin also has a very noticeable bulge. Based on those pictures too, it was very clear that Rene’s… Read More

Liv Tyler

Did Liv Tyler have Nose Job?

Once in the past, precisely when Liv Tyler was interviewed by “Allure” magazine, she revealed her personal wish to have cosmetic procedures (or plastic surgery, if it’s comfort you more). Rumor also stated that Liv has had lip injections, a series of procedures aiming to make her lips look bigger. In essence, Botox injections claimed… Read More

Kourtney Kardashian Regrests After Having Breast Implants

As everybody knows, there are many actresses gone under the knife to get a better look. Even though they already have a pretty face, but they want to look more perfect by undergoing plastic surgery. We know that Kourtney Kardashian is beautiful. But she was rumored has had plastic surgery to stay perfect. Some medias… Read More

Gisele Bundchen

Did Gisele Bundchen Lie About Taking Breast Augmentation?

There are many Hollywood artists who were rumored to have had plastic surgery. One of them is Gisele Bundchen. Comparing her before photo with the latest photo, some people speculated Gisele had nose job and breast augmentation. In the previous photo, Gisele’s breast cup-size is A cup, but in recent years, she downsized her breast… Read More

Nastassja Kinski

Did Nastassja Kinski Go for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to be a part of Hollywood celebrities’ life. It is no wonder if public judge every beautiful and handsome stars from their physical appearance. There is no exception with Nastassja Kinski. She is not young anymore, but still has charming smile and beautiful look. People speculate whether she has ever taken cosmetic… Read More

Penelope Cruz

Several Plastic Surgeries That Penelope Cruz probably Has Taken

Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Hollywood actress who is known for her pretty Spanish face. Although she never admits that she takes several plastic surgeries, we can compare her old picture with the newest picture of Penelope and we can find several differences. Penelope rumored to have several plastic surgeries during her career in Hollywood… Read More

The Beautiful Face of Rachel Weisz, with or without Botox Injection?

Rachel Weisz is an actress who still looks perfect and beautiful although her age is nearly 40. People still wonder how she never looks old and always pretty although her age is not young anymore. Gossip said that Rachel had several plastic surgeries to made her face looked younger and reshape several parts in her… Read More


Did Tiffany SNSD Have Eyelid Surgery?

All SNSD members are full of plastic surgery rumors. Tiffany is no exception. The hottest rumor about Tiffany plastic surgery is eyelid surgery. The rumors spread out since Korean artists are very close with plastic surgery, especially on the eyelid to make the eyes bigger. Tiffany herself, similar with other members always tries hard to… Read More