Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Before and After Had Nose Job and Breast Augmentation

Public  not only recognize Demi Lovato as the one who have so much talent – as she already made hit songs – but they also know her for her plastic surgery too. Nevertheless, rumors said that Demi Lovato was possibly having plastic surgery or some external body’s enhancements that made her appearance become so fresh… Read More

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper had Three Different Cosmetic Procedures

When you spot the appearance of Cyndi Lauper on TV, you might be wondering: did she go under the knife? Did she have plastic surgery? Well, according to some source of information: yes, she did. She has made clear statement, which clearly stated that she herself is a fan of plastic surgery. We don’t have to… Read More

Tina Turner

Does Tina Turner have Plastic Surgery to keep Up with Her Youthful Appearance?

Being in her 70s, Tina Turner still looks so good and that leave people with wondering whether she has undergo any kind of plastic surgery or not. The answer is still not clear since there is no statement from Turner about this issue, but even if she has undergone this kind of procedure, it was… Read More

Gloria Estefan

Did Gloria Estefan Undergo any Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Many people questioned Gloria Estefan whether she undergo any kind of plastic surgery procedure or not? No wonder this kind of question pop out seeing the fact that she is still look good in her 56 years old. Gloria Estefan claimed that she never have any plastic surgery. This is her statement during much time… Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow Before And After Use Botox?

Gwyneth Paltrow Vows to Never Use Botox

Who doesn’t know Gwyneth Paltrow? This beautiful Hollywood actress is famous not only because of her great acting but also because of her beauty. She is also famous for her healthy lifestyle. As for her beauty, she admit that she use Botox injection in the past but she make vow that she won’t ever use… Read More

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John Denies the Plastic Surgery Rumor

Olivia Newton-John is rumored for taking many cosmetic treatments. As a 65-year-old-woman, she looks like younger than she should be. She has wrinkle free forehead which receives critics from celebrity watchers. Though other signs of cosmetic treatment seen clearly, Olivia Newton-John keeps telling about her genetic fortunate. Olivia Newton-John is an Australian singer, songwriter and… Read More

Sissy Spacek

Has Sissy Spacek only had Rhinoplasty?

Her possible rhinoplasty is still a mystery. Although surgeon said her triangular nose is too narrow and the tip is too small to be natural nose, Spacek said nothing about it and we could not find more evidence. People believe she done it before she rose to fame. Now as Spacek no longer young, people… Read More

Shirley MacLaine

Face Lift is over for Shirley MacLaine

About 30 years ago, Shirley MacLaine had her face lifted. No, that is not a rumor since Shirley MacLaince admitted it. Now, MacLaine said it is all over for her. She was once asked plastic surgeon whether liposuction could help her deal with extended tummy but her surgeon said no. From that time, she wants… Read More