Kevin Costner : I Will Never Choose to Have Cosmetic Work Done

As we know, nowadays, there are many celebrities go to surgeon to have plastic surgery to have a better look. But it is not for Kevin Costner. Kevin Costner is one of the best American actor, musician, singer, director, and producer. He is now 58 years old, but he didn’t think to have plastic surgery… Read More

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul after Taking Plastic Surgery

Paula Abdul still looks great in her age. She is a famous singer and song writer who is very famous globally because she became one of three judges in popular talent show, American Idol. She still looks great because of several plastic surgeries including rhinoplasty, Botox injection, nose job, and breast argumentation. In 2009, people… Read More


Prince, a Vegetarian Who Is Free From Plastic Surgery

Prince is an American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, composer, dancer, record producer, and an actor. He is a very talented musician and considered as a multi – instrumentalist musician who mastered several music instruments like guitar, clavinet, piano, bass guitar, percussion, harmonica, saxophone, and keyboard. Although Prince still looks perfect and young in his age… Read More

Lady Gaga

Did Lady Gaga Have Plastic Surgery ?

“Born This Way” is how Lady Gaga encourages people to love anything that God has given to them. Lady Gaga strongly said no to plastic surgery since she thinks that plastic surgery is promoting insecurities. It will be harmful for every person. However, there are still rumors about Lady Gaga plastic surgery. Some people believe… Read More

Jada Pinkett Smith

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Do the Cheek Filler Injections?

Most rumors about Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery are only focusing on her cheek. However, people have noticed that her face looks unnatural. Some media wrote that Jada’s full cheeks stretched her skin and it looks tighter. The rumor said that Jada might have taken the cheek implant or cheek filler injection. When we try… Read More

Christina Aguilera

Is Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery True or Not?

Rumors about Christina Aguilera plastic surgery started years ago, even since her early career in the entertainment industry. Nose job, breast augmentation and lip augmentation are only little examples of the rumors. Most people believe that she must have at least breast augmentation, fat injection to the buttocks, and liposculpture after they look at Christina… Read More