Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher Did Botox Injection and Plastic Surgery when She Was Young

The issue of Teri Hatcher plastic surgery started in 2006. In one of news magazines, Teri said that she ever had Botox Injection when she became a student in college. Indeed, at that time, good looking appearance was very important to attract many people. Her effort came true when she joined as an actress in… Read More

Rose McGowan

Has Rose McGowan Had Plastic Surgery?

Rose McGowan has been suspected to perform various surgeries not only on her face but also on her breasts. She never admits that she has completed various surgeries during her career as an actress. People begin to scrutinize her face because she looked different on “Laws & Order SVU”. Some plastic surgeons confirmed that Rose… Read More

Cheryl Ladd

Did Cheryl Ladd Do the Nose Job?

The American singer, author and actress, Cheryl Ladd always gets the media attention because of her plastic surgery rumor. The woman is not young anymore. She is now 61 years old. In her old age, she maintains her youthful and fresh face completely adorable. It leads people to speculate that she probably has undergone the… Read More

Morgan Fairchild

Is There Any Proof that Morgan Fairchild Has Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Is it true that Morgan Fairchild have undergone some plastic surgeries? Yes she did and she has admitted this in several interviews. She is one among not too many artists and celebrities who admitted that she has gone under the knife to work on her appearance. She admitted that she has done some cosmetic surgeries… Read More