Tara Reid Surgery Tragic Story and Its Impact

Tara Reid surgery is a tragic and embarrassing story for the actress for sure. Everyone in Hollywood has probably gone under the knife to look good and more appealing. Tara probably had the same intention but unfortunately her journey on plastic surgery was not too smooth. Interested? Keep reading the story down below.

How Tara Reid Surgery Story Becomes Famous


What is incredible about Tara Reid surgery is the fact that most of the surgery procedures were not done on her face. Had the incident with paparazzi has not happened; no one would probably notice that she had done numerous cosmetic surgery. Here is the full story of Tara Reid and her unfortunate plastic surgery.

  1. The 2004 Nip Slip Accident

The unfortunate tale happened in 2004. It was her birthday party and there were a lot of paparazzi documenting the party. Tara wore a decent dress but unfortunately she had this nip slip accident that revealed her entire breasts. The breasts were covered in scars and the world suddenly knew that there has been Tara Reid surgery happened on the breasts.

It was revealed that Tara had done multiple breast augmented surgeries in the early 2000s to enhance the size of her breasts. The impact did not happen instantly, though, but the world noticed that her breasts grew gradually bigger over the years. She did not deny the fact that she has had the surgeries.

  1. So, Boob Job and Liposuction?

Yes, the actress openly admitted that she had something done on her breasts. That was why the breasts were full of scars in the 2004 nip slip accident. Beside of the breast augmented surgery, another Tara Reid surgery she has admitted is the liposuction. The liposuction was more likely to be followed by tummy tuck procedure.

  1. The Impacts of Her Surgery

The impacts of her countless surgery on her body was massive, though. The biggest and most embarrassing impact was probably the uneven stomach she had post-surgery. Once again, Tara was caught by paparazzi. She was at beach, wearing swimsuit that revealed her uneven stomach. The stomach was, just like the breasts, full of surgery scars.

  1. The Procedure to Correct Her Body

Tara has been openly admitted that she had done a lot of surgeries over the years. She regretted most of them. She even tried to undergo more surgeries to correct the disastrous procedures on her body. However, nothing worked and she apparently could not go back to her pre-surgery body. This was when her stardom started to fade away and she always got associated with dreadful “plastic surgery went wrong” case.

The impact of the exposure of the surgery on her body and on her career could not be bigger. It is believed that she was quite depressed about her post-surgery body because there was no way that her body could bounce back to the shape before surgery knife got involved. Her career slowed down, too, because of these Tara Reid surgery procedures and impacts.