The Beauty of Park Min Young after Undergone Plastic Surgery

While the other artists try hard to keep their plastic surgery secret, this Korean artist revealed she had two plastic surgeries on her face. We are talking about Park Min Young plastic surgery. Park Min Young admitted eyelid surgery when she was in junior high school to make her look prettier. The second plastic surgery is also when she was in junior high school. She had procedure on her nose when her nose was crocked that time. With this disclosure, people should not speculate about Park Min Young beautiful look since she herself, already admitted it to the public clearly.

Park Min Young

Park Min Young is one of Korean actress that famous due to roles in television drama. “Sunkyunkwan Scandal” in 2010 make her received various awards. “City Hunter” in 2011 when she was played the drama with Lee Min Ho is another hit and then continued with “Glory Jane” and “Dr .Jin”. Besides television drama, Park Ming Young is also a model for various products, played in several movies and music videos. “The Cat” is her first movie. Similar with other celebrity, Park Min Young has a hard time to meet her schedule with study time but she was successfully graduated from Dongguk University in February 2013. After focusing on her education, Park Min Young is now ready for her next project.

Park Min Young Before And After Plastic Surgery

Park Min Young Before And After Plastic Surgery

Park Min Young is only little celebrity who admitted her plastic surgery. However, Park Min Young plastic surgeries are interesting since she did the first one purely to improve her appearance and the second is due to an accident. Plastic surgery to bring back beauty after accident is very common and doctor endorse but plastic surgery to improve appearance since you born with flaw is not so common since some people just accept their flaw. Of course, recently, more and more artists have plastic surgery to improve their already beautiful body.