The List of AXL Rose Surgery Probability That Has Been Done

Axl Rose is the lead vocalist of the legendary band Guns N’ Roses. Been in the industry since 1983, he shocked a lot of people by disappearing in the 2006 and back with modified facial features. Rumor has it that Axl Rose surgery has been done, probably multiple times, due to the complete change in his face. Some people even accused him of ruining his face by doing excessive Botox, fillers, injections, face lifts, nose job, and hair plants.

Multiple Procedures That Have Been Done on Axl Rose Surgery


  1. Facelift

The first identifiable thing of Axl Rose Surgery is the changing of his facial appearance. There are clear evidence that he has managed to do facelift procedures repeatedly. He might have done it well the first time, but the media journalists wrote that he was unsatisfied, and do it again and again.

As the result, people can easily see that his face looks frozen, overstuffed, and too elevated in particular areas. His skin also changes to unnatural, abnormal, and too tight, resulting in painful expression. While his cheeks looks too tight, his eyes look too lifted. Axl Rose himself never denied the rumors, probably feels like he cannot even hide the result as the sign is all over his face.

  1. Nose job

Many people are probably wondering, what is wrong with Axl Rose’s nose that he decided to take the surgery path and conduct a nose job. Even if the change from Axl Rose surgery is easily recognized by comparing his old and recent photo, he never admitted it either. The old Axl Rose’s nose is pinched and sharp, but bigger. He might try to correct the shape of his nose b making it sharper, but instead, he got asymmetric and disproportionate looks. The media and the public believed that he has reshaped his nose multiple times, causing it to look horrible.

  1. Hair plant

Axl Rose’s long blond hair is iconic and well-known, it makes him look handsome, unique, and adorable. But as the aging process that all human being have to go through, he started to experience hair loss. It might be a nightmare for some people, Axl Rose included, even though he clearly is good looking and has exceptional talent in singing and performing.

The fear of losing hair could be the reason why he tried the hair plant in the first place, to conduct the hair treatment and return his hair. Fortunately, Axl Rose surgery on hair turns out to be a good decision as you can see that his hair is thicker and healthier now.

  1. Cheek filler

Axl Rose’s cheeks have become so much fuller than the time when he was vanished from the public sight. Also, there is ongoing inflammation on his face, so the experts concluded that it might be the result of Botox and other chemical implants.

Regardless of whether Axl Rose surgery rumors are true or not, there are several accurate details available on the internet discussed his facial features changes. Some portions of the public are disappointed as they said that the result of the surgery has gone wrong, horrible, and unfortunate for the lack of the better words.