The Speculations about Ryan Gosling Surgery

When it talking about the popularity in Hollywood, it is not only the spots for women. There are also great men who get popularity in the world of Hollywood. Ryan Gosling is one of them. He is one of the stunning actors that have handsome face. Many people and media have admitted it. He got his popularity since he was so young and he keeps improving even until now. It seems that aging does not make him look less attractive, yet he looks much better as the time goes. Of course, behind this great appearance, there is also rumor about Ryan Gosling surgery.

Thing to Know about Ryan Gosling Surgery


When it talks about Ryan Gosling, there could be long story. He started his career since he was still so young. He keeps transforming and developing himself, and he made many great works and achievement. Of course, his skills as actor do not get any questions or doubts. He also has attractive appearance. However, similar to other actors and actresses, there are rumors about the plastic surgery to enhance his appearance and it can become interesting discussion.

  1. Natural appearance

All people will agree that Ryan Gosling is handsome. Even if people are not his fans, they will not say no to his charm and attractive appearance. He has natural appearance and some people even do not find any clues about Ryan Gosling surgery. What is so different is the beard and short hair cut. The length of her beard changes several times, but he keeps the beard and it is the drastic difference from his younger look.

  1. Nose job

Age gives him bolder appearance. As the time goes, he also grows beard and he cuts the hair short to make him look more attractive. However, there is significant difference in his nose and it is spotted by many people. That’s why there are rumors and speculations about the Ryan Gosling surgery, specifically the nose job or rhinoplasty.

Based some photo comparisons, it can be seen that his nose is sleeker. The nose looks smaller and sharper. Some people also said that the nose got straightened. However, he did not give any clear confirmation about it. In case it is for real, this can be one of the nice works. He already has stunning appearance, and the nose job makes him perfect.

  1. Cost

Since he did not confirm the surgery, there is also no clear information about the cost of Ryan Gosling surgery. However, most of cost for surgeries can be known and there are many sources to get it. Based on common nose job surgery, usually it is around $7,000. Since there is no other speculations of surgery, it seems that he only spend minimum cost for the nose job.

Without any surgeries or artificial changes on the appearance, it seems that Ryan Gosling will always look great. It is very interesting to see how age makes him better and more attractive. Of course, having knife work on his nose also makes him look much better. The result of the surgery is also nice, regardless the Ryan Gosling surgery does not get confirmation.