Tom Cruise Surgery List and Information

Tom Cruise surgery is highly debatable in these recent years. The Mission Impossible star is indeed very controversial in many ways, starting from his persistence on Scientology to his facial appearance. The Oscar-nominated actor is suspected to have numerous procedures on his face to keep his look remains young and appealing.

Tom Cruise Surgery Procedures He Has Done Over the Years


So, what are Tom Cruise surgery procedures that he has done? Well, apparently the star has never made any statement about it. However, thank to the paparazzi because there are a lot of evidences caught by the press and convincing the public that Tom Cruise has had plastic surgery done to his face. Find out more about it down below.

  1. When the Speculation Started?

The speculation of Tom Cruise surgery started in 2016. It was the time when Leonardo diCaprio became very famous on the red carpet of award ceremonies because of his stunning appearance in The Revenant. Tom Cruise was spotted posing together with Leonardo on BAFTA’s red carpet.

The public was stunned to see Tom’s face. It had every single post-surgery signs on it. The face was puffy and red. The eyes were quite swollen, too. Seen from the photograph, a lot of people believed that Tom Cruise has just done a plastic surgery. What else could it be? Aside from allergic reaction, there was nothing else to cause a face to look like that.

  1. What Type of Surgery He Had?

The procedure people suspected Tom Cruise had is Botox injection. The procedure is done to make sure that the face has smooth and unlined forehead. After Botox is injected to the face, it is also believed that the cheeks are going to look fuller. The injection is done several times and probably Tom was not lucky to get rid of the injection’s side effects before the red carpet of that BAFTA ceremony.

  1. Did He Admit It?

Was the Tom Cruise surgery admitted by the actor? Absolutely not. Tom Cruise never admit that he had surgery of any kinds done on his body. He opts not to say anything when anyone asking him about plastic surgery. Even so, the public generally believed that the actor had surgery, with or without him acknowledging it.

  1. How Much the Surgery Would Have Cost?

In the USA, Botox injection is so popular. It is considered as a standard cosmetically procedure. That is why the injection is quite affordable, too. The cost will heavily depend on the quality of the injection and the doctor, too. In average, one injection of Botox will cause $170 to $300. For Tom Cruise, it could not be that cheap. He probably went to the best cosmetologist and surgeon in the country for the Botox shot.

Back in the days, Tom Cruise was considered to be one of the most handsome actors in the movie industry. Young Tom Cruise was very good looking and appealing to all girls and women around the world. Probably to keep looking that interesting, he chose to get Tom Cruise surgery procedure done on the face.